Welcome to the 2021 International Workshop on Embodied Intelligence, to be held online on 24-26/03/2021.

Key information

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This free event brings together a wide range of speakers to discuss the many challenges and opportunities in Embodied Intelligence research!

The workshop is structured with a morning session and afternoon session each day to accommodate different time zones. Each session includes plenary talks, panel discussions (including flash talks by leading researchers), and breakout sessions as shown in the tentative programme here. While plenary and panel speakers are invitation-only, we solicit wider contributions in breakout sessions to facilitate more focused and technical discussions. The preliminary programme can be accessed here.

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The event is completely free to attend. To register or just to stay updated, please fill in the registration form here.


Plenary speakers

  • Takashi Ikegami (University of Tokyo)
  • Pietro Cicuta (University of Cambridge)
  • Rob Shepherd (Cornell University)
  • Olaf Sporns (Indiana University)
  • Karl Friston (UCL)
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University)
  • Yasuo Kuniyoshi (University of Tokyo)

Invited speakers

  • Cecilia Laschi (National University Singapore)
  • Andy Clark (University of Sussex)
  • Jun Tani (OIST)
  • Matt Crosby (Imperial College)
  • Barbara Webb (University of Edinburgh)
  • Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan (Harvard University)
  • Daniela Rus (MIT)
  • Metin Sitti (Max Planck Institute)
  • Nihat Ay (Max Planck Institute)
  • Stoyan Smoukov (Queen Mary University)
  • Dario Floreano (EPFL)
  • Barbara Mazzolai (Italian Institute of Technology)
  • Jonathan Rossiter (University of Bristol)
  • Yukie Nagai (University of Tokyo)
  • Thrish Nanayakkara (Imperial College)
  • Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio (Yale University)
  • Daniel Goldman (Georgia Tech)
  • Mirko Kovac (Imperial College)
  • Oliver Brock (Technische Universität Berlin)
  • Jamie Paik (EPFL)
  • Helmut Hauser (University of Bristol)
  • Kyujin Cho (Seoul National University)
  • Li Wen (Beihang University)
  • Yoshiyuki Sankai (University of Tsukuba, CYBERDYNE Inc.)
  • Lucy Cheke (University of Cambridge)

Breakout Session Speakers

  • Adam Stanton (Keele University)
  • Adam Stokes (University of Edinburgh)
  • Alastair Channon (Keele University)
  • Alex Pitti (Cergy-Pontoise University)
  • Alex Schmitz (Waseda University, Japan)
  • Amir Jafari (University of Texas at San Antonio)
  • Andre Rosendo (ShanghaiTech University)
  • Andy Tyrrell (University of York)
  • Angel del Pobil (University Jaume-I)
  • Angela Faragasso (University of Tokyo)
  • Angelo Cangelosi (University of Manchester)
  • Dana Damian (University of Sheffield)
  • Daniel Polani (University of Hertfordshire)
  • David Howard (CSIRO)
  • Fabio Giardina (Harvard University)
  • Federico Renda (Khalifa University of Science and Technology)
  • Florence Leong (Imperial College London)
  • Francesco Giorgio-Serchi (University of Edinburgh)
  • Fritz Vollrath (University of Oxford)
  • Greg Sochacki (University of Cambridge)
  • Gusz Eiben (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Hadi Sadati (King’s College London)
  • Ilana Nisky (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
  • John Rieffel (Union College)
  • Josh Bongard (University of Vermont)
  • Karina Vold (University of Toronto)
  • Kaspar Althoffer (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Koh Hosoda (Osaka University)
  • Kohei Nakajima (University of Tokyo)
  • Leone Costi (University of Cambridge)
  • Luca Scimeca (University of Cambridge)
  • Lucia Beccai (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
  • Matej Hoffmann (Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • Matteo Cianchetti (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)
  • Mini Saaj (University of Lincoln)
  • Perla Maiolino (University of Oxford)
  • Roderich Gross (University of Sheffiled)
  • Shuhei Miyashita (University of Sheffield)
  • Simon Birrell (University of Cambridge)
  • Simon Hauser (University of Cambridge)
  • Stephane Viollet (Aix-Marseille Université)
  • Stephen Cave (University of Cambridge)
  • Surya Nurzaman (Monash University)
  • Thilina Lalitharatne (Imperial College London)
  • Thomas George Thuruthel (University of Cambridge)
  • Toby Howison (University of Cambridge)
  • Utku Culha (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)
  • Verena Hafner (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
  • and many more to confirm…

Contact details

General Chair: Fumiya Iida

Programme committee: Josh Bongard, Kohei Nakajima, Josie Hughes, Toby Howison

Outreach and podcast: Marwa ElDiwiny, Hadi Sadati 

Local chair: Veronica Egorova

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the organisers using the webform below. Alternatively, you can email us directly at help@eiworkshop.org.

We thank the UKRI/EPSRC (Grant No. EP/T033142/1) for supporting this workshop.